Companies are always exploring new and updated systems and new concepts that help in providing practical functionality as it increases the productivity and knowledge of employees as well as customer satisfaction and relationship management. In today’s time, Microsoft Dynamic 365 is the best choice for any business that is looking for employees planning and customer relationship management all at the same time. Microsoft Dynamic 365 is a cloud built CRM and EPR solution. It provides a complete suite of tools to modernize business communication. Let’s see in this article why one must choose the D365 by looking into its benefits.

Why use D365

Integrates with MS product
Dynamic 365 integrate effortlessly with other Microsoft products like Office 365 apps and other Dynamic 365 apps. You get various other benefits with integrating with an office other than outlook some of them are
• Imports Customer related data through office Excel and Word Templates easily.
• Visualize Share point calendars and documents directly from Dynamic 365.
• Directly link data with excel which helps in direct accessing, updating, and maintaining it and security permissions.
• Access everything that is captured in OneNote.
• Easy access to teams’ audio and video calls and their recordings helps to stay connected.

It offers a customizable option ensuring that the ways of the D365 work are similar to what the organization wants it. It enhances the system by customization. The customization of Links, customer views, and forms are done along with configuration without any additional development.

Data Security
With Dynamic 365 you can work from anywhere and anytime still provides high-level security as data is safe in clouds. It gives multi-layered security and applies user access and privileges through records, roles, and field-based security controls.

Flexible Pricing
D365 provides more functionality at a minimal price. It makes the package available at various levels with different functional accesses at different costs. This ensures that everyone gets what is needed without paying for extra stuff they don’t need.
Modern Workflow
By connecting processes to Dynamic 365 extra and repetitive manual tasks are avoided. For example, it generates triggers for automated approval and deploys guided processes used to reach successful outcomes.

It provides an insight into how your business is performing and how it can be scaled. To obtain this insight it gives a query feature to provide data for entities such as clients, activities, and contracts, etc. It also has a feature defining your dashboard.
Along with these main benefits it gives many other useful options which makes it different from any other system like;
• Provides better scalable database architecture.
• It boosts productivity
• It helps in reducing the cycle of sales
• It improves customer service involvement
• It has various deployment options.
• Provides regular updates
• Can be operated from anywhere.
• Easy to use.

By combining the above key points of Dynamic 365 you will know why every day more and more companies are trusting Dynamic 365 for their businesses. These features are making Dynamic 365 an already flourished and still one of the top immerging ones for businesses.