The role of an agile enterprise coach is different from the role of an agile team coach. When people say agile coach, they generally mean Agile team coach. Although the difference is big, many are not clear of the differences between enterprise coaches and team coaches.

Agile enterprise coach
• Work at the organization level rather than engaging at a team level
• Design and support companies in their agile transformation.
• Works on various strategies to align agile development processes along with companies’ businesses.

The enterprise coach must have a much broader business perspective as compared to the team coach. As he will be functioning on a higher level to suit the agile approach into their companies.

Agile enterprise coach has to work with various department-level persons at the organization and also with stakeholders.

Before knowing the roles let’s see the factors to own as an enterprise coach

Coaching experience and the ability to influence organizational levels.

Deep expertise in delivering outcomes.

Able to articulate client’s benefit by switching to numerous delivery approaches.

Strong communication, presentation, and training skills

Experienced and should have detailed knowledge of agile governance, and different concepts like cloud, DevOps, Scrum, Scaling method SAFe, etc.

Now let’s move forward to the roles of Enterprise coach.

The common roles they share with team coaches but at a bigger level are facilitating, Mentoring, Navigating the roles, Training, developing self-leadership, etc.

The specific role enterprise coaches have to perform are; Guiding change process, developing leadership in others, guiding organizational agility, etc. let’s understand it in details

Knowing the business environment and their impacts
The business environments of Product developing and non-product developing companies are different. Having a natural alignment between the development process and overall company goals product developing companies are easy to apply agile. In non-product developing companies’ enterprise coach has to understand and optimize companies’ overall culture and business strategies to induce with agile.

Fit agile to the business
Anything that is forced to fit won’t sustain for longer and will not provide any benefits as working under that will never assimilate it. Agile never approves of force-fitting the approaches in any organization. The critical task of fitting the agile approach is performed by enterprise coaches. The study, understand and make organizations assimilate the agile approach with their various strategies. They have to grasp the details of different frameworks and concepts and use them accordingly to provide the organization with maximum profit.

Overall perspective
The enterprise coach role has not only to align agile in businesses but they should ought to have a broader understanding of the overall organization and their market. They should be able to understand and insert the best of both worlds in agile strategies and help organizations from a business management perspective.

Agile enterprises coaches help any organization to smoothly go agile with higher business profits. They can be considered as a connecting link between agile and organization.