From various agile methods whether it is scrum, XP, or crystal, we have learned that understanding the project details and keeping tag of workflow is one and outmost important keys to success. Similarly, there are various ways to do it. Kanban board tool of Kanban method is one of the most effective and simple ways. Kanban board is a way of visualizing your workflow.

Visualization of the flow of work is necessary as it enables to analyze of the amount of work, the process of work and then it helps in optimizing the process. There are five steps to visualize workflow explained below

Visualizing workflow
There are various interrelated processes. In kanban it is necessary to tag down the process as per their importance, keeping it manageable. So the very first step in the kanban board is to break down the process flow from start point to endpoint. There is no specific rule for the length of workflow steps in kanban so you can add as many process steps as seems necessary.

Dissect process of workflow
After successful completion of the first step try to dissect the process by dividing it from the To-Do to Done. This identifies the steps in processes you have to do and helps to eliminate unnecessary steps. For better identification assigning a color or particular code will help. Once your task is in the Done category it should clear all the beforehand steps in the process assuring you that it will not get repeated.

Create notification of tasks and lane it on board
Once you have defined the process and colors or code you can notify the task in hand on a board in respective steps. The notification should be done with the particular code and the importance of the task.

Start working on the tasks
D After completion of visualization, dissection, and notification you can move towards working. Kanban board will make it easier as the important task can be seen on priority and will also help to keep tag of further steps required. This will also help you to see the capacity of your team and assist you in managing better workflow.

Improve workflow
After completing one step and being assured that required work is done move the task towards the next step in the process. With the board, you can view the status and hence identify the problems and bottlenecks.

In the Kanban board, no single item or task should lag or there should not be overload in steps of the process. To assure this there is Limiting work in progress which places a limit to work onboard.

The kanban board can be a simple whiteboard, Physical or online board or it can also be on the cloud.

By using a simple board method, of visualizing work with a kanban board one can bring many advantages of better work management, team collaboration, quick identification of bottleneck to the team. Kanban board shows fast results compared to other methods and is easy to apply.