“Change is the only constant in life”. This also applies to businesses. More early the organizations understand, better results to obtain. The information technology industry is one of the fast-growing and continuously changing industries in today’s time. To maintain oneself in this competitive world and be more efficient and more dynamic organization needs an incremental and iterative method for management that can provide a result with velocity and defectless. These requirements make the IT industry adapt to Agile at a very high rate. Even though Agile is implemented in every type of industry but it achieved a strong reputation in the IT industry. Let’s see, roles Agile plays in IT industries making it gain so much popularity.

1)Transform Organization updated Working Systems
If observed the traditional system is focused on processes leaving the main aspect of customer’s needs. This point needs to be considered in Agile along with processes. In agile users, involvement is encouraged incomplete cycle at different levels. This provides visibility and transparency, increasing the productivity of employees. Agile include iteration planning which makes it easy to adapt whenever a change occurs which is a regular occurrence in IT companies.

2) Provides High Velocity in Processes
From “Concept to commercialization”, velocity is a must. Along with customers’ satisfaction in this fast forward and continuously changing time, ‘the idea to product delivery’ process needs to be completed as soon as possible to receive the best results for customers as well as the organization. Older processes were weak in it whereas agile itself means velocity achieved. Other benefits are its added advantage and main is its speed provided in the process. The agile system provides various features mentioned below to achieve faster and efficient delivery along with high productivity;

• Product and its features knowledge for better and faster understanding
• Automated testing and other related tools for faster results
• Allow incremental release for building previous functionality

3)Reduces Risk of Organization
The chances of complete failure of a project are eliminated in agile with an incremental concept. Sprint between the periodic intervals of projects are for testing and ensuring that product or approach will fail or work out successfully for quickly accessing the time and cost of the project. Some of the projects can also be self-funding reducing the cost of loss. As agile provides with continuous involvement of customers risk of dissatisfaction is also reduced.

4) Provide Faster Returns on Investments
An iterative process of agile provides incremental delivery of the product that allows project members and customers both to recognize the benefit of a product even before the complete development of the product. Agile provides faster product release with the ability to view customer reactions and opinions to make any essential alterations. This provides agile an upper hand in achieving early returns on investments compared to other systems.
These are only a few of the benefits agile provide in IT industries that any other system. Agile plays its role very well to transform the IT sector with the updating and support in accelerating the world towards the future.