Keeping up with the competition in today’s businesses and also maintaining customer satisfaction, various new techniques, processes, and systems are invented. But only rare of them survive and prove they are fit for the purpose. One of the successful applications in recent times is Dynamic 365 business central. Formerly, known as Dynamic NAV and previously Navision. It is the application that helps an organization to revolutionaries the way you do your business.
Dynamic Business central is a solution of business management for small and mid-size businesses that automate, streamline, and do customer engagement to a higher and updated level. It helps in managing an end-to-end solution from finance, manufacturing, quality, sales, and marketing.

Why use Business Central
• It is a flexible customized solution for an organization.
• It’s not compulsory to use it all as it provides you an option to choose a module as per your choice and requirement.
• Integrate with other applications like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, etc. providing a better platform and easy working environment.
• Extend solutions that can be bolted or removed as required.
• It offers a low code development option for better adding functionality with less experience.
• Provide optimal outputs.

Some of the processes are explained below to provide a brief idea of Business Central
Getting prepared for business-At at the very starting while setting up your first company and launching it you will get provided with a checklist on the steps to make you ready for your business.
Setting up business central- Generally, this step provides the standard configuration required by your business. If an organization needs you can also set up configuration as required. For example, in the account chart if numbers are prefilled you can change them as per requirement.

Working with business central-While working you can adjust your data in various ways. For example, it can be sorted, filter, even some of it can be frozen, etc.
Administration-It includes the central administration. Its role and responsibility are depended on the size and nature of work performed by an organization.
Business process walkthroughs-It provides a walk through the step by step and end to end processes by demonstrating the company.
Application design details-It involves complex development details. This provides the technical information on the complex application feature in business central.
Customize Business Central-This provide a way for you to customize the application giving access to features, functionality, and data you needed in a way it suits the best in your work. Along with administrators, every user can personalize their pages.
Business Functionality. It provides a business functionality to a common business process. Business central functionality includes various departments or we can say includes every minor to major work scenario. It has
• Finance
• Sales
• Purchase
• Inventory
• Fixed Asset Overview
• Relationship Management
• Human Resource
• Project Management
• Production Planning
• Assembly Management
• Manufacturing
• Service Management
• Local Functionality
• Warehouse Management
• General Business Functionality

As seen above Dynamic 365 Business Central offers a cohesive surrounding and progresses the proficiency of an organization.