Microsoft was the first one to provide an integrated solution which is Microsoft Dynamic 365. In a previous article related to MS dynamic 365 we have seen how it is divided into two applications. ERP and CRM. The Microsoft Dynamics consists of below modules

• Business Central
• Customer Service
• Field Service
• Finance and Operation
• Marketing
• Commerce
• Project Automation
• Sales
• Human Resources
• Supply Chain Management

In which an essential module Finance and Operation of dynamic 365 offers financial management with all reporting and analytical tools. It allows people to get ahead and embrace change so that businesses can prosper. The finance and operations consist of various modules which help to complete its purpose are as mentioned below;

• Account Payable
• Account receivable
• Asset Leasing
• Asset Management
• Audio Workbench
• Budgeting
• Cash and Bank Management
• Consolidation
• Cost Accounting
• Cost Management
• Credits and Collections
• Demo Data
• Expense Management
• Fixed Asset
• Fleet Management
• General Ledger
• Human Resources
• Organization Administration
• Payroll
• Procurement and Sourcing
• Product Information Management
• Product Control
• Rebate Management
• Project Management and Accounting
• Sales Management
• Service Management
• Tax
• Time and Attendance

Some of the important modules of finance and operations are briefly explained
Account Payable- In this vendor’s invoice can be entered when received manually or electronically through a data entity. Once the invoices are received and or entered, invoices can be reviewed and approved through the vendor invoice page or invoice approval journal. In it invoice matching, vendor invoice guidelines, and workflow for automation of review process so that the invoices meet the criteria are automatically agreed and the remaining invoices are identified for review by an authorized user.

Assets Management- This module is used to maintain jobs and assets in supply chain management. It assimilates seamlessly with other elements in finance and operation application. It enables to efficiently management and carries tasks related to service and management of equipment in the company.

Cash and Bank Management- This module of fiancé and operation is used for managing the legal entities and financial instruments which are associated with bank accounts. Along with deposits, slips, bills, check it also handles bank statements and bank data on reports.
Fleet Management- It is a modest module added in finance and operation which is used for vehicle management. It handles all the details about the rental and management of vehicles. Along with this it also manages route planning, driver scoring, driver safety, and compliance.
Budgeting –It manages the complete private or public budget of the organization. It manages every minor to wide level budget and analyzes it from actual to used budget. It manages day of the week, financial dimension information, and amount approved, etc. It is only completed when the budget balance is updated providing complete planning and information of the organization’s budget.

Similarly, other modules of finance and operation also provide thorough information and planning of the respective element making finance and operation a must module in MS Dynamic 365 for complete and easy functioning of organization operations and working.