Businesses that want to optimize the processes in the best way and differentiate themselves from the competition. Microsoft dynamic 365 is the solution for such businesses. It is a unifier for businesses giving a comprehensive view of entire operations.

Briefing about Microsoft dynamic 365
Microsoft Dynamic 365 is launched in 2016 by Microsoft. It is a cloud-based product line of all enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, sales-marketing, operations, and finances by combining applications effectively and seamlessly.

As mentioned above Microsoft Dynamic 365 includes various applications and add-ons required for both ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Resource Management)
MSD 365 customers license the applications which are best suited to their businesses. They are designed to provide the customers with maximum flexibility along with extensions.

ERP Solutions
ERP solutions are focused on accounting, manufacturing, and distribution needs, etc. They provide business values like increasing automation, efficiency, control, and scalability.
There are two main ERP solutions to choose

Business Central– It let a company start at small and then scale it up into larger ones adding functionality as their needs grow. This solution is best suited for small and medium-scale businesses.

Finance and operations– This is specially used for businesses with multiple line business, international operations, and multi-currency needs, difficult discrete & process manufacturing needs. This solution is best suited for large and diversified solutions.

CRM solutions
There are mainly 5 different applications for CRM solutions as mentioned below.
• Sales
• Marketing
• Customer service
• Project service automation
• Field service

Why use Microsoft Dynamic 365
• It shortens the sales cycle
• Achieve connectivity seamlessly
• Boost social entanglement
• Advance customer service
• Arrange and scale easily
• Increment on return from investments
• Understand valuable insight from data
Microsoft Dynamic 365 is in two editions business or enterprise.

Uses of Microsoft can be defined as
• MSD 365 brings businesses together as a comprehensive unit with connects people, processes, and data across various applications.
• With help of built-in AI, analytics, and guided actions and suggestions MSD 365 provides smarter decisions.
• Renovate your methodology by integrating AI, mixed reality, social, and mobile capabilities for advanced business innovation. Businesses can integrate as many applications as wanted into the existing system or can also customize with the Microsoft Power Platform.
• Instead of changing a complete business methodology, it helps in adapting the applications.

Because of the flexibility, extensibility, and rapid innovation it provides, MSD 365 is adapted to fit almost every business type.