Hybrid agile accept the flexibility of projects and provides a lithe and nuanced approach to the work. Hybrid agile can be applied to the complete project or even to the small part of the project. Along with the agile approach hybrid agile approach for business is also gaining popularity due to the fulfillment of high client expectations.

The hybrid methodologies have various options to combine, some of them are

• Waterfall project management
• Agile project management
• Six Sigma
• Outcome mapping
• Critical path method (CPM)

As we have seen in the previous article hybrid agile means having any formal methodology and combining it. But in actual they are referring to the flexibility and adaptability of agile and combining it with the stiffness of traditional waterfall ways. The steps of combining two methodologies are

Choose the two combining methodologies
Firstly it’s better to start with only two methods to combine with. Go through the methods and see which ones seem better for your projects. How you are going to combine them will be not a concern right now. While identifying the methods it will come to you that these two will be more beneficial to my project.

Identify their pros and cons as per your requirement
In this part, you will be learning all about the selected two methodologies. While doing it you will be selecting the pros and cons of them as per your project requirement. You have to go through every single and small detail during this process so that you should not miss any part of the methods untouched and miss better options.

Discuss how it will benefit you
Once you know what are both methods provide you with and select the best requirement. Start with the methods you are going to implement. Are you applying it for the major parts or will be using it on per stages or level basis. While doing this include your team along to map the planning of implementation in your project. This will help you and your team to be aware of the benefits it will be providing and what to expect in the upcoming future.

Continuously evaluate and alter
Once a plan is ready and implemented it could not be considered done. As to change a certain way requires time and consistency. Regularly evaluate the changes, discuss with the team on regular basis and understand what’s going well and what’s wrong or lacking in your hybrid approach. Be ready to face changes and adjustments.

With this hybrid approach, you and your team will be ready to achieve the top-notch delivery of the project. It will be never an issue to say “this methodology for my project is perfect only if…”.