Doing agile is not the goal any business pursues; the goal is to deliver the right outcomes in business with the right and accurate techniques. Every business has different needs and it’s not always proper to go socialism with the agile technique even if you know it’s not perfect for your business. In cases, where it seems complete agile is not perfect for business but needs to upgrade towards agile with benefits of other techniques Hybrid Agile is the answer.

Hybrid agile is a technique where agile is combined with other non-agile techniques. One of the main hybrid techniques is the Agile-Waterfall hybrid method.

Hybrid Agile categories in two ways

Hybrid fit-for-purpose
Some projects must be low-risk projects requiring a plan-driven approach that reduce cost. Some may be high-risk projects where iterations are used to repeat techniques until the issue resolves. But in some cases, projects require high-speed delivery, incremental techniques to keep customers engaged. It is better to combine both techniques to achieve the required outcome.

Hybrid for transition to agile
Many businesses or teams are unable to adapt to agile overnight In such cases it’s always suggested to go for Hybrid agile for a time being and then transfer to agile. This happens generally in larger projects and organizations; as larger the project, the more the moving parts, the longer it will take a team to shift each aspect. Sometimes a team will feel it difficult to shift into agile as it’s a new perspective to them. In such cases, it is better to go hybrid first for some time and make them comfortable with the agile approach and then tend towards complete agile.

Benefits of Hybrid Agile
• It is highly flexible
• Due to the prototype customer rejection of the model is reduced
• The flexibility of synchronization makes it easy to implement
• A better option for small and medium projects
• The development process is smooth and quick as it follows relevant processes
• Enhance collaboration
• Ease the adaptation of agile methodology.

How to Apply Hybrid

Highlight project features
Always try to understand and define the features of the project to know the project’s essential requirements. Understand project’s basics like Complexity, cost, deadlines, scope, Restrictions, and frameworks.

Create a skilled team with hard and soft knowledge.
Professional and technical skills are important. But having strong decision-making, self-motivation, problem-solving skills are no less than compared to expertise.

Adjust process in project flow
It’s always better to always analyze the work, check progress regularly and see the setbacks the work process is having. Continuously try to improvise the workflow for better results.
Every business has different needs. The hybrid agile is a way to easy approach for adaptability and delivery. It’s always better to understand the need of business and apply the required technique for business up-gradation and improved quality.