While we are dealing with daily details, we always go for some extra time. A similar scenario is seen in various scrum events. While carrying out scrum events some teams extend the time assuming that they haven’t covered every aspect of the event. Time boxing is a solution to this.

What does time boxing mean?

Time boxing is a technique in which events/meetings are put in a fixed amount of time box. It means the meeting ends within a fixed time limit.

Then it comes to how to know there is an issue in our time boxing? Who’s the answer is as below.

Do your events take a bit longer than they are intended?

If Yes, then it’s a problem.

Does everyone in the meeting has their eye on the time and point it out if it goes beyond the decided time.

If not, then there is a problem.

Does there is an issue while scheduling your after-event tasks as you are not sure if they will get delayed due to the event?

If that’s a yes, then surely it’s a problem

And lastly, if your team sees daily sprint or scrum events as a burden, Gets bored, or lingers during it then it is not the right way of carrying scrum events.

There are four types of scrum events and they are all time-bound which are explained below

Sprint- It is time boxed itself, between 1 to 4 weeks.

Sprint Planning- It is generally held within two weeks and is time boxed for half-day means for nearly 4hrs.

Daily Standup- It is organized daily and is time boxed for 15 minutes.

Sprint Review- It is arranged after 2 weeks and time boxed for 2hrs.

Sprint Retrospective- It is also held within 2 weeks and time boxed for 2 hrs.

Now let’s see how time boxing helps scrum fixing.

Puts a limit on the amount of work.
Planning is done to work on only items which can be completed within a sprint.

Prioritize work
It helps to prioritize work that needs to be completed with a sense of urgency.

Helps to keep the time tag
It helps to keep realization of time off in hand time and spent time.

Helps in having closure
When the team has an end date they are more likely to complete a given task within the required time.

Increase Productivity
When bound to time team becomes cautious to complete the task within time and with perfection as there is not always extra time for correction. Which increases the team’s focus and hence their productivity.

Tips to follow time box are;
Set a timer

If still timer doesn’t work set someone as timekeeper

End meetings once the time is up.

Time boxing is a simple and productive technique to use for better scrum results.