When we come to know about agile, we firstly know of daily stand-ups. Many assume that daily stand-ups are just like a day-to-day briefing of traditional methodologies. So, it’s ok if there are no stand-ups in agile. We tried to brief about daily stand-up to know if it’s really important in agile.

As you already know daily stand-up is a regular meeting held to know the key aspects of the project. Let’s see further what else is covered in daily stand-ups and how it benefits the team and what is it worth it.

The first and foremost rule of a daily stand-up is, it should be windup in 15 minutes. There is no compromise in time, even if points are remained to cover up; there is stand-up within 24hrs.

Every member in the daily stand-up needs to answer the following four questions.

1. What did I do between previous and present stand-ups?
2. What I will be doing today up to the next stand-ups?
3. What problems I am facing to accomplish daily goals?
4. Do I need any help from others to overcome them?

Here every member needs to address these questions briefly but others are expected to be silent and listen to them. Stand-ups are not to solve the problems but to know the current status by understanding the completed, backlog, in-process and blocked tasks in the project.

The benefits that the daily stand-ups provide are;

Saves time
With the daily 15 minutes, it saves time of a length long meeting carried out to solve problems effectively and quickly. As the daily issues are solved when it’s still small, avoiding to be critical. Hence reducing the number of meetings required.

Members are aware of project details
In daily meetings, every member shares their work details with others. This helps the member to know daily updates, issues, current progress upcoming goals, and project requirements, etc. Members knowing project details create a sense of responsibility in them and strengthen the team concept of a common goal. It increases their accountability towards the project.

Create confidence
Announcing daily what you accomplished every day makes members know about each other’s achievements. Once you mention your achievements you may feel astonished about your amount of work done creating confidence within and similarly in a team as a whole.

Retain Focus
As you get aware of your upcoming task, issues, and solution it becomes easy to plan. Once you are ready with the plan and know the amount of work needed to be completed within a limited time you become focused on its completion. It achieves the goal on a daily as well as bigger level.

Create trust and transparency
Sharing daily work details with your team creates trust and transparency within the team resulting in better bonding among members.

‘Better meetings create quality projects’. Daily stand-ups are essential for any agile project as they provide quicker, effective, and regular solutions along with developing the team in a way helpful for a project and respective individual members of the team.