“Agile can’t work for hardware”, is one of the myths popular in agile businesses. As many articles you will come across they all will tell you about agile in developing software or practices to be used for software organizations considering one of the applications or software as a product. But is this the case? Do agile are not for hardware development. Agile can work for hardware developing organizations as well. Some of them used it calling agile hardware. In most cases, they don’t believe that agile methods can be employed in physical production enterprises. But agile frameworks are meant to focus on the generic capabilities for product development processes of organizations of any size.
Agile hardware is a collection of practices and principles used to reduce the time of the product to market, increase speed and predictability. By achieving these aspects they also reach the goal of business agility in the manufacturing of physical products.

Why Agile for Hardware?
Time is the key in today’s business. Agile reduces time to market and increases innovation is major benefits of agile provided in hardware development. Agile improves the quality of product, ignites innovation, accomplishes predictability, enhances close collaboration, and increases employee satisfaction along with employee engagement. With so many benefits of agile in developing hardware it provides, agile is the best option available to successful businesses in this digital age. As manufacturing of hardware products are always a complex area in maintaining its consistency and up-gradation, agile provides solutions no other system can achieve.

Benefits of Agile Hardware
• Reduce time used for blind researches.
• Less documentation increases creativity
• Testing and feedback accelerates learning
• Better collaborations and communication between correlated departments or teams.
• The smaller and speedy improvement

Agile Hardware differences with software
• The cost of change of Agile Hardware change is high compared to software development
• For the design test build cycle, the agile hardware has a long procedure time whereas software development processes are smaller in steps.
• Hardware development requires more skilled individuals compared to software development and consistent involvement in the process.

Agile Hardware similarities with software
• Both the software and hardware agile have functional and non-functional requirements.
• They both have interactive behavior.
• They both are complex and regularly lead to a tree structure.
Even though the differences and similarities of agile are more towards agile software but still the benefits it provides for hardware development are comparatively more than any other system in the digital age. It will always be a wise decision to adopt agile in any business.