Agile management depends on an agile mindset. Agile Mindset is a change of attitude towards the old traditional way of leadership where we have issues like office politics and a ‘louder is smarter’ mentality. We can say, agile mindset is a way to focus on ‘what’s right by keeping everyone’s ego and private gains aside. Agile mindset evolved into various aspects as

1) Innovation
2) Focus on customer value
3) One self’s and team’s self-organization
4) Collaborating and communicating.

Being so evolved agile mindset focuses are also different from traditional bureaucracy. It concentrates on,

Respect– a key to an appropriate work environment. Respect for customers, superiors, and colleagues will provide a satisfactory atmosphere to work in.

Accountability is a must mindset. Even if no one person is responsible for a piece of work accountability of particular work will improve work quality and provide work satisfaction.

Collaboration is a concept no other system than agile has implemented. A more complex system, and more complex solution it’s hard to keep and utilize its knowledge by a single team. So agile mindset implements collaboration with different departments helping one another and reducing the deliverables.

Adaptive to change improves for the better. Change is eternal and one who accepts it and keeps up with it wins the race. The organization and individual in it should follow the change and be ready for a new and improved version of the team.

The learning and improving cycle help to develop and set a new mindset. Everyone should get an opportunity to try ideas whether or not it fails it helps improve the team’s knowledge. They must be ready for risk and hence ready to improve the system.

Changing a mindset means changing a habit. One has to be consistent and patient while doing it. Implementing an agile mindset is a task of implementing the union of human thinking and technology. While implementing an agile mindset they have to exercise

1) Defining and organizing the ultimate goal
2) Focus on customer
3) Go through and implement agile manifesto and principles.
4) Practice difficult thinking
5) Being humble and reflect
6) Being transparent
7) Learn to network and collaborate.

Once done it provides immense profit in various ways as
empower individuals, Provide responsible leaders and managers, the Fast solution providing faster output, appreciating both human resource and customer value, etc.

It is easy to grasp practitioner of agile mindset team, as the indicators are different and view the team
• Takes failure as learning opportunities.
• Member is intrinsically motivated
• Greets diversity of thought happily.
• Members are having fun at work
• Ready to embrace change
• Willingly share knowledge
• Observe anti-patterns within themselves.

Mindset is the start of the game, defining who’s the winner. A correct mindset is a key to success. Observing various agile firms, we can see that the agile mindset has provided a win-win situation to organizations by resulting happy working environment and success.